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Addy van den Krommenacker

34 Yesterday I got a last minute invitation for
Addy van den Krommenacker's show in Rotterdam that evening.

It was a amazing show! And it was much longer then I expected!
Apart from the slippery floor at some points and a music crash,
everything went very well.
He had very good feminine models, with shapes! *hooray*
This is the kind of model I love to see.
Addy with all the models after the finally.

Addy with Daphne Bunskoek before the show.

There were a lot of prints on the fabrics, polka dots, leopard, flowers, graphical.
I have to say, normally Leopard can look tacky very easily, but he has used it on a
beautiful red fabric and very subtle, it looked gorgeous.

Some examples:

He also showed a lot of nice fitted jackets and skirts.
And there were a lot of gorgeous evening gowns!
*sorry not a good picture of this, but I'll soon post a video of the fashion show*

Picture moment

All in all, I really think he also should start focusing on a more younger and maybe less classic woman, because really I saw a lot of items that I would wear, but only combine it totally different, especially the jackets are love! If he would show that kind of a jacket on jeans,

more people will fall for it, but I of course understand that this is not his style.

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