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BRTC perfect pore clean set from Korea


So after seeing this product for a couple of times online,
I got so curious that I decided to order it.
It claims to clean out your pore's perfectly.
Did it work?
Keep on reading to find out.

The package comes without instruction,
so you have to find one online.
I found the best one over here:
I did not order here, but on ebay because I trust ebay more.

This time I only used it on my nose, because most of my black heads are over there.
But of course you can also use it on your fore head and chin!

The process is very time consuming unfortunately.
The first step is to wash your face as you normally would do.
*It is even better to use this product right after you have taken a shower*
*To open up the pores you can also put a wet warm towel on your nose for a while*
If you have some tonic I recommend also to clean with that.

Step 1:
So first you use the Pore Deep Cleanser
On their video they show some kind of pad that you put on your
nose so it stays wet from the product, since they don't send this
with the set, I've cut out some toilet paper :p

First put enough of this product on your nose so it is wet, then put the paper on it,
then spray some more product on the paper.
Keep this on for 20 minutes.
*Make sure to keep the paper wet for the full 20 min that it needs to stay on your nose*

Step 2:
remove the paper and make sure your nose is damp not dry!
Put on the purifying mask fairly thick.
Leave this on for 20 minutes.

Step 3: remove the mask with a cotton pad and water,
now you need to clean out the pores which are still not totally clean with
a pore cleaning stick:
It is very easy now to press out the dirt!
Also I had the feeling already a lot of pores were clean!

Step 3:
Put on the Ultra serum on your nose, this claims to help calm the skin down,
I think it worked, it felt refreshing! This product should not be removed after use.

I think it works!

The only thing that won't happen, is this:

Not sure how they did this, because if you use that paper pad, the pad will absorb the dirt,
So you will never see it sitting like that on your nose.
And if you would do it without, the Pore Deep Cleanser is too thin to stay on it's place,
it would just run down your face!

But the after picture is a true picture, this product really helps cleaning out your pores.


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