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Japanese street Fashion AKA Harajuku Fashion.

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

I was almost posting my new article when I realized
I first should explain something else.

People who are already a bit into the Japanese fashion know the facts,
but a lot of other people don't, so this is what you should know.

You hear a lot of people say that girl is wearing "Harajuku fashion" while this is just a gathering name for several Japanese streets styles, that you happen to see a bit more in Harajuku because most of the shops for these styles are located there.

A lot of the shops also have their shops in other cities,
so you can buy it almost everywhere in Japan.

So in fact Harajuku fashion is a wrong term to use for these street fashion styles.
The Street fashion consist of a lot of different alternative fashion styles.
Gothic lolita, gothic, punk, decora, fairy kei are several of them.

I am planning on explaining the styles one by one in my blog.

So I guess the Harajuku fashion term was used because people
could not identify all the individual styles.

The style I will talk about first will be Decora!
I will post this tomorrow.

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