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Japanese street fashion: Decora

34 Hello everyone I decided I wanted to write about Japanese street fashion styles.
Last weekend I was at Abunai this is a Anime convention.
They asked me to host a Fashion style lecture and it went great!
A lot of my friends helped me to explain all the styles.
I took decora to explain and I also was dressed like it.

Because I think it’s a waste to never tell about this again,
I want to write all the information here!
I hope you will learn new things or just enjoy it.

Picture by: Adrien N.

Decora is a very cheerful , busy and childish clothing style from Japan.
Like a lot of the alternative fashion styles in Japan this style started in the 90’s,
how exactly remains unclear.
On some websites you can read that the young people took inspiration of Tomoe Shinohara,
A Japanese singer and actress who looked very colorful,
but in the same time other pages deny this.

But if I would give you my own theory, I think the colorful period
of the 80’s has a lot to do with the evolving of this style.

Tomoe Shinohara scan by: Patrick Benny

Too much doesn’t exist in this style.
The more, the better!

Imagine a child in their mothers room trying on everything bright colored at once!

The decora girls and boys wear multiple layers of clothing and accessories.

- The main colors are bright like pink, yellow and orange.
- Decora also knows a dark style,
the base is black and this is decorated with all bright coloured accessories.
- Different socks from different length, fabric and colors are worn a top of each other.
Also leg warmers are very common.
- Multiple tops of different colors can also be worn on top of each other or
they wear a shirt with a very colorful / cute print.
- As for clothing accessories belts and ribbons are very good
to get even more color in the outfit.
- The most common footwear are sneakers in the style of all stars
and of course the laces are changed in a bright color.

Picture by: 蝶殺

Picture by: Claude Estè

Accessories are as you might have guessed a very important point in this style.

- A lot of bracelets and necklaces in different colors, but still it all looked very styled,
it is not like it is one big mess, you still can see the individual pieces.
- Plush are very popular to be worn attached to their accessories,
mostly are Sanrio figures like Hello Kitty or Disney figures,
or they wear those small coin pouches.
- Rings in the shape of cute animals, sweets and pastries are also very common.

Picture by: Ajpscs

How you decorate your hair is also very important!

- It is most common to have a natural hair color because this style
portrays a very childish style, little kids don’t color their hair.
- Pigg tails is a style that you will see the most, this goes for short and long hair.
- The decoration of the hair mostly exist of hair clips, bows, alice bands and ribbons.
The best tip on where to find cute hair decoration, go to the children section of clothing shops!
- It is very important that the placement of all the items in the hair doesn’t look too organized.

Picture by: Tegan_Sensei

If it comes to make-up it is very simple!

- They wear only a little bit of make-up,
the big eye trend that you see with gyaru (gal) and lolita skips this style.
(These styles will be explained later in my blog)
- Nails can be left blank or painted in cute colors, you hardly will see fake nails on these girls.
- They do like to decorate their face with colored rhinestones or stickers.
(In the toy store you can find those big rhinestones even in the shape of hearts!)
(You can use fake eyelash glue to glue them to your face)
- Often you also see the Japanese face mask.

Picture by: Davizual

Decora nail example:

Picture by: Leyla Cavusoglu

Now you would think why do Japanese people wear those masks?!
I would like to answer this question in my of my following blog posts.
As for this fashion style people wear the face mask as an fashion item,
so as an extra accessory . You have tons of cute face masks in Japan with prints from Sanrio,
Disney and other cute figures.

You can see that other Japanese street styles get inspired by the decora style,
since about a year or two the sweet lolita’s are mixing sweet lolita with decora.
They call this OTT lolita, Over-the-top lolita.
Of course their outfits stay the same but they use accessories
in a way that a decora girl would do.

Picture's by: Kammie N.

A style that can look very similar to decora is fairy kei.
Somehow it also got known as Spank, but Spank! Is a shop which sells the fairy kei style.
This style is still quite small in Japan,
that is why there is not that much information on the internet.
The biggest difference is the pastel colors that are mostly used.
(More about this style in a different blog entry)

Picture by: Tavuchi

The brand 6% Doki Doki from Harajuku Japan is a bit confusing.
It says it is a fairy kei brand but because of the color use it also looks like decora.
You could say it is a more grown up style from decora if you look at the pictures of their models.
If I find some more information I will make a new blog entry.

Pictures by: Tokyofashion.com

I hope this was useful and now I leave you with two pictures
of me to prove you could also wear it!

Picture by: Kees Stravers

And a typical way to take a picture like Japanese girls do, with a mirror.
Together with my good friend Anna, she is a sweet lolita.

Outfit runndown, as far as I can remember where I bought it.

Hair accessories:
Big bow: Swimmer Japan
bow hair clip: Swimmer Japan
Smaller bow: River Island
Cherry clip: Hand made
Hello Kitty face clips: H&M
Other hello kitty clips: Bought in Japan

Rhine stones on face: Intertoys toy store
Face Mask: 100yen shop Harajuku

Left hand:
Ribbon ring: Heart E Japan
Heart ring: home made
pink bracelets: H&M

Right hand:
Macaroon ring: hand made
Cake ring: Closet Child Japan
Scrunchy: Free gift from Japanese magazine

Short rainbow: Paris Kids Japan
Ice cream: Closet child Japan
Long rainbow: Claire's
White and pink beads: Hema Netherlands
Bear coin pouch: Bought in Japan
Pikachu: bought in Pokemon store Japan

Bag: Emilie temple Cute Japan

T-shirt: Liz Lisa Japan

Cardigan: Deary, bought online Japan

Suspenders: Bodyline Japan

Bright pink skirt: Bodyline Japan
Light pink skirt: ACDC Japan

Legging: H&M

Stripe socks: Hema The Netherlands

Blue sock: Bought in Japan
Pink sock: Action The Netherlands

Pink anklet: used to be a bag strap.

Shoes: K swiss
Laces: Van Haren The Netherlands

A lot was bought in Japan, but lately you can get a lot of similar items at H&M,
River Island and Forever 21. Good luck!

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