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Long lasting nail polish

34 I have tried so many different brands of nail polish
and never have been totally satisfied by the lasting of the polish.

This also may be because I have long nails and ride horse, so my nails move a lot.
Normally the polish starts chipping already after 1 or 2 days.

Examples: Mac, Dior, Chanel, OPI, Herome, Essence, Maybelline,
Catrice, Miss Helen, Rimmel, Manhattan, 2B, Miss Sporty.

But I have found something that amazed me!
This nail polish by Gosh.

597 Miss minty

It stayed on my nails without chipping for a full week, I only had to touch up after a week!

I always use the same base and top coat by Sally Hansen: Double duty.
So it really was this nail polish by Gosh that made the difference!

I always think it is a waste to trow a clear nail polish out,
so I always try to use it until the bottle is empty.


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