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Elf fantasy fair 2011

34 Two weeks ago I went to the Dutch fantasy event called Elf fantasy fair.
It was on the grounds of a castle, so pretty!
I go there every year with some lolita friend.

Just like last year I've made a cute video of these two days.

It is always great to see al the great costumes!
I loved this one the most:

This is me on the first day,
I supposed to be a white lolita witch.

White outfit run down:
Ingeborg Steenhorst headband
Hand made forehead piece
Moi-meme-moitie chocker, blouse, skirt and socks.
Innocent world bolero.
Ebay shoes

The second day I was dressed sweet lolita.

I matched with my friend Danchelle who also wore Angelic Pretty.

Lavender outfit run down:
Angelic Pretty headbow, bolero, skirt, shoes and bags.
Tralala (Liz lisa) T-shirt
Ebay socks
Vivienne westwood necklace

In my pony bag I had some flyers from the www.mfashion.eu shop,
to give to girls who might like lolita fashion.

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