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Mori girl & Dolly Kei - Japanese fashion style


One of the fashion styles that is getting more and more
popular inside and outside Japan Is Mori girl “forest girl”.

This style is all about layering clothing’s and earth tone light colors.
The silhouette is very loose.

The great thing about this style is the ease
of finding appropriate clothing for this style.
Most of it are vintage or handmade.
At the moment the romantic style is very popular in fashion,
so you can also find items in the regular clothing stores.

Some Japanese examples:

As you can see the Curtain decoration is very popular in this style.
You can get those in any fabric shop.


My friend Ana dressed this style a few weeks ago.

Ana is wearing a combination of classic Lolita with Dolly Kei / Mori girl.
Her veil and scarf are vintage.
Her dress is by Baby the stars shine bright.

I hope this inspires you to also try this style!
Show me if you got any pictures and maybe I place them in my blog!

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