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34 A few weeks ago I ordered some items from www.love-makeup.co.uk
The thing I was the most exited about was the Z.palette .
This custom pallet is for your loose make-up pans.

I ordered the big and the small one.

I had a ton of loose eye shadow and blush pots,
that I never use because I always forget about them.

I used the hot flat iron method to melt the pans out of the pots.
You can find a ton of these tutorials on youtube.
Like this one by Makeup Geek:

So here is how my big pallet filled looks like.

There are eye shadows by: Essence, Sephora and gosh, blushes by NYX.

here you can see the eye shadows from Sephora depotted.

These pans already were magnetic, but some might not be.
For the ones that were not magnetic I used a magnetic sheet
that I bought at the craft store and cut out the shapes I needed.

I am now pressing some of my loose eye shadow pigments in pans,
so that means I need to order some more Z.palette's.
The small pallet I keep for travelling.


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