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Japanese band D.

34 Last weekend I went to see D. A Japanese visual kei rock band.
I didnĀ“t know about D. before this concert,
but when I saw their PV Video It seemed so familiar.
The concert was in Amsterdam www.melkweg.nl

This is a picture for the promotion of their European tour,
it is so funny to see the black x different colour outfits.
They also wore this at the concert.

But first I want to talk about the show.
I loved it! So much energy! I think this is the best performance
I have seen from a Japanese band and I have seen a lot in the past years.

I even bought their CD at the concert which I rarely do,
because I mostly of course enjoy myself at a concert,
but not have the urge to listen to their music at home.

We were not allowed to take any pictures, but there was a signing session.
It was very "strict" 1 person at a time and only 1 item per person and no talking :s

So I only can show you the picture of the CD and of me and some of my friends.

Signed CD

Me in Qutie Frash outfit (bought in Japan)

Outfit run-down:
Hair accessory: Claire's, Japan & Gift shop, Japan
Necklace: Vivienne westwood
Top, corset, skirt: Qutie frash, Japan
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Emily temple cute, Japan

With some of my friends

So now onto the familiar bit, you might have seen this picture before.
At that time I didn't know the girl in red was Cosplaying the lead singer haha,
I just thought she looked super pretty! (if you didn't know I am in the ivory outfit).

Original band picture

And here is the Video, I love this video! So pretty!

Next concert planned is X-Japan! In Utrecht www.tivoli.nl it is already sold out!

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