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My favorite fashion shop or building in Tokyo

34 www.japanesestreets.com asked about what is your favourite fashion shop or building in Tokyo.
Without any doubt for me this is for sure Laforet in Harajuku.

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

Grotere kaart weergeven

B1.5 is my favourite floor, because here are all cute lolita shops located.

When I am in Japan I go about 5 times to this store,
to look for new stock and to see all the pretty shop people and customers.

My favourite time of the year to go to this shop is when they have their Fukubukuro sales.
So that would be the beginning of January.

This is a picture of the line that goes to Laforet!!
So many people are waiting to enter and get some good sale deals.

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

This is a video of the crowd inside Laforet during the sale, the brand you see is Putumayo.
At the moment in this corner Angelic Pretty is located and Putumayo moved to the right corner.


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