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Dutch lolita summer meetup 2011

34 This weekend there was the annual summer meet up of the Dutch lolita community.
There were 44 people attending!
I had so much fun!

Group picture: (sorry it kind of failed, because not everyone is visible)
*click it to enlarge*

Here is a video I made at the meeting.
It is crazy as always ;)
First Music number is by:
Junne from Lolita‚ąěComplex http://www.facebook.com/lolitacomplexjapan
Other music is by: Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com


Here are some pictures of the girls present.

Danchelle in Angelic Pretty, Aqua Princess
She really looks like a mermaid with her long hair.

Niesje in Angelic Pretty, Fantasic Dolly
I love her tights, it makes the outfit even more special.

Iira in Moi-Meme-Moitie and a Metamorphose umbrella
Dark, elegant and romantic, love it.

Kari in Baby the stars shine bright
She often wears gothic lolita, but I have to say,
she looks perfect in sweet lolita.

Elise and JJ in Alice and the Pirates, Vampire Requiem
I always love it when two girls wear the same,
because you can see it is still styled differently.
Both look stunning!

Charlotte in Baby the stars shine bright
The jacket gives a casual feel to the overall look 
and her hat makes it very summery, very cute!

Estherbel in Innocent World,
I always love hime lolita and I think she does it perfectly.
Her style has a very chic and princess like feeling,
very pretty.

Me in a mix of Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose.
Dress is Metamorphose, Twinkle Journey.

Huge head bow and Angelic Pretty pony bag.

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