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JS Girls bold Japanese kids fashion

34 Fashion is for everyone in Japan very important.
Even the youngest get dressed by the latest styles.

Picture from: www.roni.co.jp

In this entry I would like to talk about something that fascinates me,
JS Girl Fashion: (Joshi Shougakusei = elementary school girls age 5-12)
This fashion of course also exist for boys.

Picture from: http://www.jsgirl.net/ 

The style consists of kids clothings in teen and adult fashions styles.
The JS fashion tends to be a bit more colorful.

Picture from: www.roni.co.jp

About 3 years ago the magazine Nicopuchi started promotion this fashion style.
Since this time new brands have been created and sales have gone sky high.

Monthly more the 3000 girls try to get in the magazine as a model with their own outfits.
So this is very different from western fashion magazines.
In Japan the models (parents) are the stylists!

There is also an annual fashion show for JS Girls,
any girl can apply for this and get picked to be a model.
But of course only a few will be the lucky girls.

Picture from: www.roni.co.jp 

Personally I love this bold style! And I would love to try it out with Danny.
There is also a very bold style for younger kids, more about that in a later blog.


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