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X-Japan in Holland 2-07-2011

34 This Saturday the famous Japanese band X-Japan preformed in The Netherlands in TIVOLI!
It is amazing that such a huge band is playing in this small venue, only 1.000 people fit inside,
while Tokyo Dome can fit up to 55.000 people.

People from all over the world came to Utrecht to see X-Japan.
In my video you can see what countries exactly.
Scroll down to see the video, it is epic!
You can also see some of the concert.

Let's start off with this Yoshiki doll from a Taiwanese fan.

This is what I am wearing, the top and cardigan are Liz Lisa. (NL)

Here we have Manon from The Netherlands with her two cute X-Japan dolls

These are two amazing Japanese fans!!! Love their looks!

Danchelle dressed in H. Naoto punk lolita. (NL)

Juul in a stylish outfit (NL)

Here is another Japanese fan, she fits perfectly in the image of X-Japan  on stage
with her white x black coat.

Emmy in a cute style outfit (NL)

For Lunch / Dinner I went with Danchelle to Moto restaurant in Utrecht.
It was very good, especially their yummy fruit flavoured ice tea.
We had a complete Japanese themed day, gosh I cannot wait to get there again..
October, then I am in Japan again!

Here we have Bamba, rocking a dark look. (NL)

Here we have a fan from Belgium, she is wearing Cosplay!

More Japanese fans! Rocking the X-Japan x Hello Kitty items!

Here we have the lovely Irvina (NL)

These are some true rock chicks! Scarlet Penta and Milou.
Scarlet Penta just released her first CD: www.scarlet-penta.com
They have altered the X-Japan t-shirts to make it rock more!

Danchelle had these cute X-Japan x Hello Kitty notebooks.

As desert we got some Macaroons at a very cute shop in Utrecht.

This Japanese girl is so cute in her Yukata (summer kimono)
She asked the fans to fold Origami Cranes for X-Japan, she collected a lot of them.

Me, Irvina and Danchelle waiting in the line.

Suuz-chan already started the party! (NL)

This flag is written full with messages from all the fans!

Inside the venue, TIVOLI.

The girls together again.

This Japanese fan told me a special story, together with a big group they came from
Japan to Europe to follow the band on the whole European and South American tour!
And they had so much energy! I love that they are so devoted to X-Japan.

I bought this tank top at the concert.

Now onto the video's.

X-Japan fan video coverage:

Concert video:


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