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Bal du masque - Summerdarkness 2011

34 Past Friday the dark underground festival Summerdarkness
started of with a masked ball called Bal du masque.

This party original was held in Amsterdam already for a long time and it was very small.
I've been there about 5 times before, I always loved it.

Even tough it now was in a big venue it didn't lost it's charms!
The atmosphere was great, good music, nice shows and nice people.

I really enjoyed my self and time passed by too fast!

A picture with some of my friends
Picture by: Hennie Ummels

I loved this guys shoes! No heels!

Yvette looked stunning, she made the mask by her self!

Scarlet Penta being gorgeous as always

Anne in a Dolly Kei inspired outfit

Edmund and Pim, stylish as always!
Pim always has the most amazing head pieces
that he makes by him self.

Medusa the organiser of this party and me.

And two pictures of me

I also made a video at the party, enjoy!

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