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Gothic Lolita at Summerdarkness 2011

34 This is the last blog post about the Dutch event Summer Darkness.

On Sunday 31-7 www.mfashion.eu  (me) organised a Lolita fashion show.
A lot of other lolita's came to watch the show, it was a amazingly fun day!

Here is a picture Hennie Ummels made of some of the girls.
Spot all those photographers in the back.

Hennie Ummels also filmed the whole fashion show, it is 27 min. long.
So I recommend getting yourself a nice beverage before you start watching.

And here are some of the Pictures I took that day.

Denise in a beautifull Gothic Lolita oufit from Moi-Meme-Moitie

Iira in a Shiro Lolita outfit, with some red details

Anne in a Gothic Lolita outfit with some Dolly Kei influences.

Milou in a beautifull blue Gothic Lolita oufit by Moi-Meme-Moitie

Scarlet Penta looking like a true doll in her Red Gothic Lolita, Alice and the Pirates outfit

I was wearing also a dress by Alice and the Pirates, But I was going for a more Classic Lolita look.

I was so tired from the whole weekend that I wanted to take a nap on Anna's lap.
(picture by: Scarlet Penta)

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