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Japanese fashion style day

34 Today I and Mfashion was asked to host a Japanese fashions style event
at the Japanese museum Siebold huis in Leiden, Holland.

With some lovely girls and a boy we made a fashion show
and right after that we explained all the styles we were wearing.

I want to thank everyone again for helping out!

A group shot of everyone with "Mr. Siebold" 

A video of the event will follow soon.

For now I leave you with some pictures.

Pictures by: Freek Giele
Scarlet Penta in Gothic Lolita

Me in Sweet Lolita

Danchelle in Sweet Lolita

Manon in Decora

Kari in Gyaru

Alex in Visual kei

Elise in Ouji

Dorith in Classic Lolita
Yvette in Classic Lolita

Alexandra in Cosplay

And here are some pictures I took in the garden of the museum,
so you can see the outfits a bit better.

I was wearing the new Baby the stars shine bright print: Unico in Bloomland
with matching headbow, socks and blouse.
Most of my jewellery is from Angelic Pretty and so are my shoes.

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