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Picture in Kera Magazine

34 While I was in Japan I went to a Kera magazine shooting in Shinjuku.
It was a very fun experience.
Here you can see the result, it is a tiny picture, but I am still happy with it.

Here you can see the full page.

I have never been to a Kera shooting before so I had no idea what to expect.
I heard about if from a friend, but you could also find the dates/locations in the latest Kera.
It was in Shinjuku Marui One.
I went up to the floor where also Angelic Pretty was located,
and when I walked around I noticed a guy with a sign.
He guided me to the line for the shooting, it was in the stair case.
It felt kind of weird, walking past all the Japanese lolita's.
I knew someone I know would be there and luckily I found them.
It were the young lolita girl with her father.
Her father helped me with translating the form I had to fill in.
Without him I would have had no clue what it all meant.
After a while I got closer and closer to the end of the line and just then
I realize the picture also would be taken inside the stair case.
There was 1 person talking the pictures and the other helping with posing,
so you would show all your accessories in a good way.
I think 4 pictures where taken en then I was finished.
You never know for sure if you will get in the magazine,
unfortunately my friend did not got in it.

Here is a picture we took at the back of the Angelic Pretty store.
The right girl was a new friend of the young lolita.

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