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Dorothy vacance shop



I always have been very interested in Japanese re-make fashion.
While I was doing some research for it,
I came across the blog of Dorothy Vacance.
This shop is owned by Gon, a very pretty and colourful girl.
She is a true trend setter.

I brought my re-make bag with me to Japan, she really liked it.

The interior of the shop is so unique!
Colourful, fun, cosy, it just makes you feel happy.

The following two figures were made by a friend of Gon.

A wall full of goodies, there are also little cushions with her logo.

And in the whole shop she had Furby's, I think there were around 15!

This Furby matches with the fabric necklace! I love the colours!
This wall is full of dried plants and sewing materials.

Here is Gon showing us some cute slippers that her aunt has made.

The left blouse is her signature design,
Gon is specialized in re-making blouses in very cool designs!
So if you own a blouse that you don't like any more,
Gon can re-make it into a signature piece for you! 

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

If you want to know more about Gon and Dorothy Vacance,
please check out the video interview my friend Kjeld from Japanese streets has made.

Shop address:
Dorothy Vacance
3-2-16,1F Chuo Otaku Tokyo, Japan.


35 36 37 38