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Gyaru fashion picnic

A week ago I went with some friends to the Dutch Gyaru picnic.
Also other Japanese fashion styles were welcome, so that was very nice.

If you are not know with Gyaru here is a small explanation.
So what is Gyaru? 
Gyaru is a fashion style targeting girls and boys in the ages from 16 to mid twenties.
It is a look that is over the top girly and everything has to be perfect.
A lot of attention is paid to hair, body, fashion and face and a lot of tools are used to enhance beauty.
Wigs, Make-up, fake eyelashes and even colored contact lenses.
Within Gyaru there are a lot of different styles, but I'll try to explain those a different time.

Here is the group shot.
*click to enlarge*

I took some pictures of the girls who were my personal favorites.
I think it is because I love the brand Liz Lisa and they all are dressed in this brands style,
although they don't actually all wear the brand.

 Amber in a cute Ma*rs jumper

Juul in a very pretty outfit by:
Blouse honey's
Pants Momo wonder rocket

Jojo in a cute dress from Yumetenbo

And I thought it was fun that Rox and Charlotte dressed as twins.
I wore a outfit inspired by the looks I have seen in the Japanese
magazine Popteen.
Loose fashion have been very popular in Japan and I wanted to try
it because it looks so comfortable.

Top by Spinns
Skirt by Monki
Shoes by Super lovers

Please try Gyaru fashion at least one time, I think it is a great style!!

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