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Harajuku fashion icon Juria Nakagawa

34 Harajuku is the place for new fashion icons.
On of the girls who is super popular on Tumblr right now is Juria Nakagawa.
Juria is 17 years old, works for the tights shop Avantgarde and she also is a model and DJ.
She calls her fashion style Fancy girl.
I would describe it as sexy cool.

When I was walking in one of the back streets in Harajuku with my friend Danchelle
we saw Juria and asked for a picture.
I really love her hair! It always looks perfect!
Also I really like her Tokyo Bopper shoes!

Here are some more of her street snap pictures by Japanese streets,
so you can see her style.
Also you can see that her hair changes all the time.


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