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TV appearance, magazine shoot and lolita market

34 Another busy week has come to an end for me and tomorrow a whole new adventure will start!
Tomorrow I leave for Japan!!!!
So make sure to check my blog!
I'll be making daily vlogs ^^

Still I want to tell you about the past week.
The TV show that I did with Bamba was broadcasted and it was super fun!
If you live in The Netherlands you can watch it back over here:
Our part starts at 6:00.

Also I had a photoshoot for the Dutch Magazine Viva,
it will take a while before it appears in the magazine, 
but I already saw a preview and I love the pictures!
Here is a quick picture, I forgot to take my hair down for it.

And Sunday I organized a lolita market.
I was so happy that a lot of lolita's came to visit the market!!
Thank you all for participating!

 In the end we watched Kamikaze girls

So I hope to see you back when I have my blogs about Japan up!!
See you soon!

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