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Halloween in Japan

34 Halloween is a big thing in Japan!
I am so happy I was in Japan around this time because in my own country The Netherlands,
there are only a few not so great Halloween parties.
About a week before Halloween you already see people dressed up walking around.
They would dress up even just to go out for shopping.

The party I went to last week was Heavy pop, it was after Halloween,
but still everyone dressed up.

I went for a super cute look.

(next 3 pictures by Hennie Ummels)

Picture by Heavy snap, click the enlarge.

Video from this day and party:

Before Halloween I went shopping in Harajuku dressed in Halloween style.

Here is the video from that day:

This same evening there was a Halloween party at my favorite event Tokyo Dark Castle.
I changed my outfit and added some more make-up.

I am wearing lenses from the shop Iszo circle lens, they have great service!
And these lenses look great!! And they feel comfortable.

The next day there was a lolita Halloween dinner and this I changed to look from the day before a bit.

This time I was wearing these lenses by Iszo circle lens:
I love these too!

How was your Halloween??

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