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Winter lolita challenge

34 Like more people in winter I always feel extremely cold,
so I tend to grab easy but warm clothings
and most of the time these are not lolita clothings.
The past week I challenged my self by wearing some fun outfits.

Here is a casual lolita outfit combined with a warm sweater.
I am wearing tights and over knee socks, so my legs are warm.
A hat or barrette also helps to feel warmer.

Here I am wearing a turtle neck sweater and a cardigan,
layers are a great way to stay warm and if you are too warm,
you can take something off.
Because I am wearing open shoes, I am wearing tights with socks.

I love this style of barrettes, they look so warm because of the fake fur.

Here is a example of my simple winter style,
I added a barrette to make the outfit a bit more interesting.

This is one of my winter coats,
I love the style of this coat.
Also I really love these gloves, they are so cute and
you can use them on a touch screen phone!

And to end this post, here is my favorite sweater at this moment.
It is from New Look.

Winter can be a fun fashion season if you put some effort in it!

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