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two TV show shootings

34 I was surprised to get two phone calls for two different TV shows on the same day.
One was last Friday and the other today.
The shooting from today was for SBS 6 Hart van Nederland.

EDIT: Video online HERE.
SBS 6 Link.

The subject was Japanese style make-up.
It will be broad casted tomorrow or the day after, depends on the other news subjects.

For this shooting I decided to wear a cute x dark gyaru outfit, 
the dress is by Liz Lisa.

For the subject I did my make-up with upper and lower fake lashes.


Here are some of my lashes, lenses and magazines.


The TV show asked me if I knew a girl who could do her make-up
in the Japanese cute style so they could film it,
I asked Jessica to do this, the result looks so pretty!

The other shooting from Friday was for the local TV station RTV Utrecht campus talk.
It will be broad casted over 2 months.
The subject was lolita and it was a talk show, they did it all in 1 take.

I wore gothic lolita mixed with classic lolita elements.
The red details and shoes make the outfit classic lolita.

The studio had cute colors haha..

I am obsessed by Vivienne Westwood jewelry, so I wear them all the time.

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