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Wedding cake and sweets

34 Time goes so fast! The wedding is only 1 month away from now.
It is super fun to do all the preperations.
So here is a little update.

We have decided on our cake.
Because I am gluten intolerant I had to order a gluten free cake.
It will become a 3 layered cake.
And we ordered 1 small cake like the one below for the children that will
be at the wedding, this cake will be lactose free, because 2 kids cannot eat lactose.
The cake is marzipan with chipolata, it is delicious!!
Here is the website of the baker http://www.specialetaarten.nl/

I wanted to have Turkish wedding thank you gifts for the guests,
because I am half Turkish.
With my father I went to a shop in Amsterdam where you could buy all
the components to make these gifts.
So we got bags, candy, ribbon, hearts and the blue eye.
The candy taste like smarties.
We made different bags for the children with heart shaped candy and a
heart shaped jewel, I attached a ribbon to it, so it can be worn as a necklace later.

Me with my little sister with the finished bags.


This week we also managed to find a suit from Hennie!
It was at the first shop we entered.
It will match my dress perfectly! Especially because Linda Friesen will make
his tie from fabric of the dress.

To end this post I leave you with a outfit shot.
The blouse is by Liz Lisa.

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