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Dutch lolita summer meetup 2013

Every year in summer I organize a summer meet-up for the Dutch lolita's.
This year we were happy to also welcome some lolita's from Belgium!
I was happy that this year the weather was not as hot as last year!
Last year it was around 27 deg. this year it was around 20 and we only got a little bit of rain.

A meet-up like this is a great way to meet new friends,
especially this year I saw a lot of new girls.

Together with Merel from Belgium, we were wearing the same dress
from Baby the stars shine bright! (picture by: Ann-Sophie Vermeylen)

We had a nice picnic with a lot of different snacks.

When it started to rain for a bit everyone took out their umbrella,
it felt like being in a tent.

Here is a better picture of my outfit.
Baby the stars shine bright dress and Millefleurs Bolero.
If you look closely you can spot my baby bump,
because I forgot to wear my petticoat.

I kind of hate to wear a alice band headbow because they are always too tight
and give me headaches,
so now I am obsessed by wearing all kind of loose bows in my hair.
The red bow is by Metamorphose.

Group picture *click on the picture to enlarge*

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