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Summer Darkness dark underground festival

34 The biggest dark underground festival in The Netherlands is Summer Darkness.
It is a 3 days event filled with music, art, market, performances, dancing and fashion.
I really love this event, because if feels like home.

This year I decided to go back to my roots, gothic.

On Friday I wore a gothic dress that I already have for 10 years!
I got it as a present from my boyfriend, who now is my husband.
I mixed in some lolita influences by adding the hair flowers.
For my make-up I drew spider webs.
(I think I will do a gothic make-up tutorial in the future).

On Saturday I wore a dress that I got from my mother around 5 years ago.
Again I added some hair flowers
and this time I just made some simple lines with eyeliner.
Adding red to the make-up makes it feel more special then only black.
The cameo jewel that I am wearing was a wedding gift from my aunt,
it is a old one, I attached it to a lace chocker to make it more gothic like.

Photo's by: Hennie Ummels Photography
On the last day I organised a lolita fashion show for my show Mfashion,
This year the show was together with the Dutch lolita brand 4 O'clock.
I wanted to mix gothic with lolita, so I wore a lolita dress with gothic
accessories and make-up.

The dress is by Metamorphose.
I only wore a very flat petticoat, because that is the only one that I still
can wear now I am pregnant.

A small group shot with some of the lolita's who were at the event on Sunday.
(Click on the picture to enlarge picture)

Video of the lolita fashionshow

Video that my husband made of a Steam Punk fashion show on Saturday

Video that my husband made of a Steam Punk band on Friday.

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