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Review midnight rainbow SMP from Joy and Joe

34 I got the change to test the newest design from Joy and Joe,
the midnight rainbow Shiver me Paisleys 100% cotton.
Pre order will start 22 February.

*click pictures to enlarge*

I am making this review according to some questions from Joy and Joe.

Let me introduce my self.

I am Leyla Ummels - Cavusoglu from the Netherlands.
I have been baby wearing since my son Danny was 2 weeks old, he is now 14 months.
I prefer wearing with a woven wrap, but when Danny was younger,
I also used a stretchy wrap and I also own several carriers.
My favorite wrapping ways are front cross carry and rucksack tied Tibetan.

From Joy and Joe I have used several wraps to carry Danny with.
I love their stretchy wrap and from their wovens I have used the Luceo non uro
with Linen and the 100% cotton blackberry ripple.

When I saw the pictures of the wrap online,
I was expecting the wrap to be lighter in color then it actual is,
I prefer the real life color! It is stronger and less pastel like.
I really love these strong colors.
Personally I was not a real fan of the SMP pattern,
but seeing it in real life mad me change my mind!
This wrap is really fun, I love it!

The wrap already did some traveling and it feels soft but strong.
The print is nice and clear, but on the odd side it kind of disappears.
I would not use the wrap with the odd side out, but this is personal taste.

The wrap is easy to wrap with and the knot was very smooth to make,
not bulky like some other wraps can be.

I wore Danny FCC to take some pictures and to go to the postal office.
The wrap didn't sag, so that is very good.
Danny is 11,5 kg.



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