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Hennie Ummels Photography shoots

34 With my husband I am putting together complete photo shoots, Hennie Ummels Photography.
We are using the photo location from my mother Rococo Boudoir in Bilthoven.
Because we all manage it by our self, we are able to create a detailed and complete look
for the pictures.

For example these pictures for the Baby wrap brand Joy and Joe.
The idea was to match the wraps who have a very romantic feel to it.
I did the hair and make-up, my husband shot the pictures of me and I shot the pictures
of the other models, I also edited the pictures.

Here are some examples from a other shoot.
This cute girl got the shoot for her birthday.
The dress is from Rococo boudoir.
I did her hair and a little bit of make-up, I also shot the pictures and edited them.

If you are interested in a shoot for your self, please visit the photography facebook page:

This week we got a photo publication for the cover of a magazine.
The magazine is from La lecheleague, this is about breastfeeding.

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