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Danny's upcoming birthday party


Next month it is Danny's 2nd birthday! (16 dec) and in this modern age I made
just like last year an event page on Facebook.
Trough this page I have invited all our friends for Danny's birthday party.
Some family members don't have Facebook, so I will call them to invite them.
It is very convenient to know who all is coming and what you need to get for everyone.
There will be a gluten and dairy free cake.
Danny, me, my half sister and the kid of a friend can eat that one.
Next to this there will be regular cake.
When Danny became 1 I had made a gluten, dairy and sugar free cake.
The color was from fruit juice. The recipe is over here.
I think this year I am getting a cake made,
I don't feel up for the stress of baking my self this time.
I know a very good gluten and dairy free baker,
this one also made our wedding cake and birth cakes.
Anyway, I wanted to get a quick picture of Danny for the party invitation.
But he really didn't want it and kept moving around.
Just my luck, the result is a moved picture.
But it is a happy picture.
It is fine, if he doesn't want it, then he doesn't want it.

How do you celebrate your kids birthday?


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