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Dry brushing

34 You might have heard about it before, but do you know what Dry brushing is?

I heard about it, but I thought it was something like cleaning with those electric brushes.
But that is not Dry brushing.
Dry brushing is done with a dry brush, you follow a certain route to massage the skin
and make the skin more healthy and beautiful.
A massage is nice anyway and a good way to relax.

I have made a Youtube video to show you how it works and what I use to do it.

Natuurlijk een gezonde huid : http://natuurlijkeengezondehuid.nl/
Dry brush : http://www.natuurlijkeengezondehuid.nl/product/drybrushvoorgezicht/
Rituals soap : https://eu.rituals.com/nl-nl/gezichtsreiniging/creamy-foam-cleanser-6333.html#start=6
Day creme : http://www.natuurlijkeengezondehuid.nl/product/over-roosjes-gezichtscreme/

Do you massage? Or are you planning to start it now?

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