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Dip dye easy at home DIY

Dip dye brown hair with red

For Christmas I wanted again a fun color, in the video I will show you
how you can do a dip dye by yourself at home.

I have had my hair in a lot of colors and it has been bleached a lot.
Black, blonde, copper, purple, pink and red.
I have been growing it out for a while because my hair got fry from it.
To dye the bottom is not so bad, since I can always cut if when it gets too dry.
That is why I choose again for a dip dye.
The bottom already has a bleached grow out, so I don't need to bleach it more.
If I wanted pink, then I should have bleached it, otherwise it would not show up.

My favorite dye is La Riche Directions and I used the color Vermillion red.

When I was younger I used Stargazer, because there was nothing else
(the beginning of the computer era, so no webshops).
That brand did not stick very well. But this red stays super long!
At least 3 months, I also had the purple once and that stayed even longer.
But that fades in a not so pretty dark color.

The red stays nice even with the fading.

In the video you can see how I do the dip dye.

Did you have had a "crazy" hair color in the past?!


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