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Japanese fashion Acorn crochet hat and vlog


A new week, a new vlog.

Japan has a new fashion trend, a hat with a point.
A kind of elf or acorn hat , I decided to crochet them.
It doesn't look good on me, but it does look cute on Danny.
I love crochet, it is so nice to be able to make whatever you want.

With new years eve we took it easy, stayed at home.
Danny went to bed at 20:00 and slept trough all the noise.
He was lucky to see some fireworks before he went to bed.

Trough a saving action from Alpro Soya I got a Goji berry plant by mail.
I didn't expect it to stay in one piece.

But it survived the travel, now lets hope it will grow.
I probably would never buy a plant by post.

Would you buy a plant trough the post?
What do you think of the crochet hats?

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