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Cheap food in Japan and weird Mc Donalds menu

french fries with chocolate sauce
Picture from: http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/

Japan talk vlogs cheap food in Japan and weird mc donalds menu , girl with a picture of sushi

Often I hear that people find Japan an expensive country,
this not really true, you can buy pretty cheap food there!
In this video I will tell you my experience and tips.
I tell you about a lot of different kind of foods like sushi, noodles, curry
and western style foods.
I tell you about several restaurant chains like Coco curry,
Saizeriya, Kaiten sushi and the weird menu of the Japanese Mc Donalds.
Like their Chocolate fries!
Also I am answering some questions from other Youtubers.

Enjoy the video, if you also have a question about Japan for me,
let me know and I try to answer it in the upcoming videos.

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