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Peter Rabbit Garden Café | Theme Restaurant Japan - Jiyugaoka


On of the things that I like the most about Japan is the food and it's restaurants .
They put great care in it all.
I have visited several of their Theme Restaurants in the past and
it is always 
a very special feeling to enter these magical places.

This time one of Japanese friend took my by surprise to the
Peter Rabbit Garden Café in Jiyugaoka . ( English Information

Jiyugaoka is a very peaceful and relaxing town ,
it is a great place to wander around a look at the small shops .
The Peter Rabbit Garden Café is a restaurant with seating inside and outside.
We sat down outside because the weather was great that day.
Upon arrival we were welcomed by cute waitress girls and fancy waiters .
And of course Peter Rabbit already was at our table .
A cute plush Rabbit sat on one of the chairs .

Each detail in the restaurant matched the theme and to pass time
you could read one of the Beatrix Potter books .

All the food in the menu looked super cute and they have a lot of variety.
In my vlog you can see what we ordered .

In real life all the dishes also looked super cute !
I really recommend this cute restaurant .
It is also very kids friendly .

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