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Fairy Kei in Harajuku

I want to introduce to you this super cute and colourful Harajuku fashion style,
by showing own made pictures in Harajuku.

I already mentioned it in a blog post before: Decora.
But this time I focussed on Fairy Kei.

So this is how I looked this day.
My left hair ribbon is by Delilah and my right hair stars are by 
6% Doki Doki
and the ribbon behind the stars is by Chocomint
My scarf is by Angelic Pretty.
(You can get Angelic Pretty at my shop: www.mfashion.eu)

Full outfit shot.
Coat: Misch Masch
T-shirt: Thank you Mart
Pants: ?
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Super Lovers
Bag: Shirley temple
Wrist cuffs: Angelic Pretty

So first I visited a friend that I know from Facebook.
She has her own cute brand: Party Baby.
She looks so cute!!

I got this cute brooch from her brand.

Later I visited the 6% Doki Doki shop.
The shop is so cute and colourful, you can look around for ages 
even if the shop is not that big.

I asked the cute shop girl Vani to take a picture together.

Here is the stock picture of my hair ribbon, weblink here.

 Extra picture in front of the Elle girl sign that was in front of Laforet.

 For lunch we had Takoyaki!

And as a extra, a picture of the Closet Child shop front.

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